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The Keys of Legal Rhetoric

Pubblicato oggi sul mercato internazionale il “Manuale di retorica forense” di Gianluca Sposito, nella English Edition dal titolo “The Keys of Legal Rhetoric: A Handbook for Lawyers”.

(dalla quarta di copertina)

Effective forensic communication cannot be achieved in an extemporaneous fashion or without preliminary preparation: communication has to be shaped by studying rhetoric, psychology and paraverbal and non-verbal communication. Knowing and being able to use rhetoric allows you to organize your thinking in a technically valid way and deliver persuasive speech. This book represents a practical aid that will allow the reader to understand classical rhetoric whilst focusing on the needs of modern jurists.

Gianluca Sposito (1973) is a well-known Italian criminal lawyer and teaches “Legal argumentation and trial rhetoric” at the University of Urbino since 2004. He is one of the leading Italian experts in rhetoric and communication.

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